The Journal of Scottish Name Studies

Volume 11

The Etymologies of Pluscarden and Stirling
Thomas Owen Clancy

The Question of the Etymology of Dunadd, a Fortress of the Dalriadic Scots
Richard A. V. Cox and Richard Lathe

Leaps of the Imagination: the leap tradition in Scotland
Coinneach Maclean

Muthill Saints: a parish of confusion
Norval Smith

William Patterson Oliver Castle, Upper Tweeddale

Leonie Dunlop Carole Hough with Daria Izdebska, The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming

Peadar Morgan Christian Cooijmans, Traversing the Inner Seas: Contacts and continuity in and around Scotland, the Hebrides, and the North of Ireland

Bibliography of Scottish Name Studies for 2016
Simon Taylor

Notes on Contributors

County Abbreviations