The Journal of Scottish Name Studies

Volume 3

‘Charge of the Temporalitie of Kirk Landis’ and the parish of Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire
Robin Campbell

Towards a Taxonomy of Contact Onomastics: Norse Place-names in Scottish Gaelic
Richard A.V. Cox

The Role of Onomastics in Historical Linguistics
Carole Hough

Balinclog: a lost parish in Ayrshire
Gilbert Márkus

Place-names of Lesmahagow
Simon Taylor

Neglected Topographic Names: ness-names in Orkney and Shetland
Doreen Waugh


Alan G. James A Note on the Place-name Dreva, Stobo, Peeblesshire

Jacob King Haberberui: An Aberration?

Review article

Alan G. James Paul Cavill and George Broderick, Language Contact in the Place-Names of Britain and Ireland


Doreen Waugh Kristján Ahronson, Viking-Age Communities: Pap-Names and Papar in the Hebridean Islands

Robert McColl Millar O.J. Padel and David N. Parsons, A Commodity of Good Names: Essays in Honour of Margaret Gelling

Carole Hough Victor Watts, ed. Paul Cavill The Place-Names of County Durham Part One Stockton Ward