The Journal of Scottish Name Studies

Volume 9

Doreen Waugh 1944–2015
Brian Smith

Doreen J. Waugh: a bibliography
William Waugh, Eileen Brooke-Freeman, Brian Smith, Simon Taylor

*Pixti /*Pexti, Picti? The Name ‘Picti’ Revisited
George Broderick

Jocelin of Furness’s Interpretation of the Name Waltheof
Fiona Edmonds

‘StronPatnaHachalas or the Oxterhill’: place-names and language-contact in the Beauly area, Inverness-shire
Simon Taylor

‘hence the name’: Berwickshire parishes along the Anglo-Scottish Border as described in the Ordnance Survey Name Books
Eila Williamson

Bibliography of Scottish Name Studies for 2014
Simon Taylor

Notes on Contributors

County Abbreviations