Ri Linn nan Linntean
Taghadh de Rosg Gàidhlig

edited by
Richard A.V. Cox and Colm Ó Baoill
Some of the topics covered in Ri Linn nan Linntean:

Calum Cille founding the monastery at Deer
A letter from a 17th prison
Sending for the doctor in the 16th century
A fatal railway accident near Paisley
An attempt on Queen Victoria’s life
Free passage to Australia
How a miser in New York lost his money
A Canadian chieftain’s last battle
Alasdair mac Colla and the Highland campaign
Louis Bonaparte’s failed coup
The decimation of the St Kildan population
A new life in New Zealand
Making sugar in America
The land struggle
Life in the trenches
The first Mod
The press-gang in Lewis
Poverty in the Highlands
How to fend off the fairies
...and much, much more.